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Half Term Multi Sports Camp Feb 23

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For boys and girls, aged 5-13, of all abilities

Drop off 8.30am, collect 3.30.or full day from 8.30am - 5.30pm 

Monday to Friday  

Breakfast included

Lunch included a Healthy Hot Meal Choice

Unlimited water and squash

Please note, this is a outside camp, If it rains, there is a chance your child will get wet, we will however try to get them indoors as soon as possible.

Please bring a water bottle and warm cloths and indoor and outdoor shoes

There are no refunds available.


Please answer all the questions at the end, they ensure that we have all the information we need, without having to gather it on the morning of the camp. If there are any queries, please click on the 'Contact the organiser' button, at the bottom of the ticket page.